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Useful Tools Used by Most PDF Software

PDF is an acronym that stands for Portable Document Format, a common format used to transmit important documents and business documents. PDF can be converted from one format to another with the help of PDF software.

PDF software enables you to edit PDF files without even having to redo anything from scratch. It does so automatically; this is possible because of the tools available in most PDF applications. It is also useful for:

  • Creating documents. PDF software will let you create and convert documents by using a single software tool. This feature will save a lot of your precious time, as you don’t have to search the Internet for the appropriate tools. You will also save a lot of money since you won’t have to buy software for the conversion of different documents.
  • Converting documents. Many PDF applications come with conversion tools that enable you to convert the PDF file into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PowerPoint. It is also possible to convert a document into several formats such as PPT, PSD, HTML, PDF and other file types.
  • Creating a presentation. If you want to create a presentation that will be shown to a large audience or to an audience that doesn’t have the same software as you, then you can easily do so with the help of a PDF application.
  • Converting different documents. You can convert a variety of documents in just a few clicks. You may want to convert a text document to PDF format so you can read it later. Or you may want to convert a PDF file to Word or Excel format so you can use it later for editing.
PDF software
  • Creating different presentations. The same can be said about creating presentations. You can convert a presentation to PDF, Word or PowerPoint format so you can use it later as a template for other presentations. Even if you don’t have experience in presentation design, the PDF software is the ideal solution to create a presentation that will make your presentation look professional.
  • Editing. Most PDF software has a wide range of options when it comes to editing. Various tools enable you to edit the text and format of the document. The most powerful tool is the Document Properties.
  • Creating a new document. Many software will let you create a new document from a PDF file. You can create a new document by selecting the file, then choosing New in the menu. Then choose the file type, name, size, appearance and format before saving it to a specific location on the hard drive.
  • Editing by dragging and dropping. Most PDF software allows you to drag and drop between the pages of a document. This way you can organize them in any order you desire. and edit them accordingly.
  • Creating multiple documents. Many applications also allow you to create multiple documents with the help of multiple documents. By drag and drop a document onto another one, you can create two or more copies of the same document.
  • Using fonts. Some of the latest software allows you to use several styles of the font on the same document. This is very helpful when you want to use different fonts for the texts and graphics of a document.
  • Using different file extensions. Some software will allow you to create documents in various file extensions so you can read the documents in different ways.
  • Importing from external sources. Many PDF applications will allow you to import files from external sources such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • Exporting. Most PDF software will export your document to several formats including Microsoft Office formats, TXT, PDF, PSD and JPEG.

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